Just as I created bump updates, I’m going to document my postpartum journey. These updates are going to include everything from weightless, how I am feeling emotionally, breastfeeding, etc. The postpartum journey can be rewarding but it can also be very very challenging and I don’t think it’s talked about enough.

Current weight: 152 pounds (on postpartum day four). I ended up being 163 pounds going into the hospital who was 33 pound weight gain.

How I feel physically: I feel really great! I did this birth completely natural and after I had Paxton, I was able to walk to the bathroom ten minutes later. It’s amazing how much faster my recovery time has been and I feel so much more in control of my body because it’s not coming off of any drugs or medications. With my two girls, I had epidurals and it took quite a few days before I had full feeling in my legs and body. It’s kind of a scary feeling when you don’t have control of how your body feels.

Sleep: Paxton wakes up twice a night for eating and almost immediately falls back asleep so I have been doing pretty well with sleep. Our first night in the hospital was pretty rough and he just cried most of it but he’s been doing great now that he’s at home.

How I feel emotionally: Pretty good! I struggled with postpartum depression really bad after I had Addison and I didn’t even realize it so now I am much more in tune for signs of how I’m feeling and what to do to prevent going down a dark spiral. I will say, changing out of my pajamas daily, even if it’s just into a pair of leggings and putting just a little makeup on has helped make me feel more human. Also try to get out of the house even if it’s just a drive to the Target pickup or something. A little fresh air is the best medicine for emotions.

Breastfeeding update: The first two days was rough because he would only eat on one side so I was constantly lopsided and my left boob was painful. But after figuring out a different hold for him, he now nurses from both sides and he’s a really good eater. My milk came in less than 24 hours after he was born so he’s definitely getting a full tummy.

Paxton’s current weight and progress: When he was born, he was 8 pounds 10 ounces and when we were discharged from the hospital he was down to 8 pounds 2 ounces. At his four day old doctor appointment he was up by 1 ounce already so he’s on the right track. He’s still in newborn clothes but there are a few he’s already too long for!

Favorite postpartum clothing item this week: Nursing pajamas! Anything with buttons is my best friend for bedtime. It’s making those middle of the night nursing sessions that much easier. These ones are my favorite right now and I’m also loving this night shirt.

Favorite postpartum item this week: The Solly Baby Wrap is hands down one of my favorite things. When he’s awake, he likes me to hold him constantly which I love but also want to get some things done once in a while so we’ve been rocking this wrap over the last week and he’s so cozy in it.

Favorite baby item this week: I wasn’t sure if it would be a good investment or not but I bought the Snuggle Me Organic mattress for him over Black Friday and it has been the BEST thing I’ve purchased as far as baby items. It actually makes me wonder why I didn’t buy one when I had my girls. The mattress snugs him in and he sleeps like a little champion plus I can put it anywhere and he’s always equally cozy.

How the girls are adjusting: They both act like little mamas and lovvvvve their little baby. There have been a couple moments of unexpected jealousy already from our oldest but we’re still all in an adjustment period right now and with time I know it will get better. But both our girls are constantly asking to hold him and the kissing and smothering of this poor baby is non-stop!

Advice for those of you who are in postpartum week 1: Talk to a lactation nurse! Even if you think you know what you’re doing, talk to her anyway. This is my third baby I’ve breastfed and I still talked with two of the lactation nurses in the hospital and one at our pediatricians office. They’re there to help you and will answer literally any question you have!


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