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growing up, the two homes i remember from my childhood both had clothes drying lines. as a kid and even as a teenager, i didn’t understand them or have an appreciation for hanging clothes in the fresh air and letting nature be the dryer. 

i grew up watching our shirts and dresses and pillowcases and sheets dancing in the wind though with my mom and my grandma having a drying line. this is ingrained in me. this form of drying clothes. it’s such a simple task of taking it out of the washer and clipping the fabric onto a string to let nature do what she knows best but it also represents so much intention to me. it represents the care the women in my life put into doing everyday chores in the home. making a way to beautifying these domestic pleasures is something i’ve been trying to find. the chores and tasks aren’t going away so i’m making them more joyous in the rhythm of my day.

i’ve been scouring pinterest for inspiration to put a clothes drying line in our backyard. i think this is going to be a task i take on this year. right now we have a clothes drying rack that i put outside to dry clothes but it’s quite small and our laundry loads these days are anything but small.

i’m ready to make memories with addison and eventually amelia as we take our baskets of damp clothes outside to hang and retrieve them at the end of the day when the sun and breeze has done it’s due diligence.


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  1. May 1, 2016 / 10:47 pm

    My mom has hung out ever since I can remember. There is nothing better than slipping into clean sheets that have been hung out.

    Due to city ordinances, we are not allowed to have a permanent clothesline. We found a good retractable one where we just have to put the post in a sleeve in the ground and pull out the 5 lines at once. My only problem with it is that there can sometimes be slack in the line even if you've tightened it.

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