One of my goals for the summer is to take the girls on a little field trip once a week. Whether it’s going to a different city to do something or just trying something we’ve never been to in our town, I want to diversify the kids interests instead of just going to the pool every week (not that we don’t love that though!).

This morning we went to a sunflower field that I found out about from a friend. I never even knew about this and it was only 12 minutes from our house. As hot as it was to be outside with the kids, we all had so much fun! They each got a bucket to put their flowers in and we walked around all the whole field. They would tell me which flower they wanted (the place had a ton of zinnias too) and I would snip it off.

Addison walked around trying to get every color so of course Amelia had to run to find every color too and by the time we were done they had an array of colorful flowers to bring back home!

Just half a mile or so down the road was a farmers market with the most beautiful big peaches you’ve ever seen not to mention all the other vegetables too.

It was such a fun morning and I can’t wait to go back there again to make more memories!


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