this season was such a good one for the four of us. we stayed at home and had loved ones come to us instead of us coming to them with a newborn and a toddler (and likely a dog too). when i think about the past few weeks, two words come to mind: baking and waiting. and should it really be any other way? i joke with andrew that it’s good amelia came during the holiday season because my form of nesting quickly became baking dozens upon dozens of cookies and i’m not sure what we would have done with all of them had we not had friends and family to help us nibble them up. santa treated all of us so good this year and addison got lots of new toys to keep her busy in 2016. we watched lots of movies, enjoyed the unseasonably warm (70 degree) weather, and everyone got in a ton of snuggles with our newest bundle of joy. it was good and slow and cozy. i hope everyone else’s holiday season was equally cozy! see you all in 2016!


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