happy thursday! every once in a while i mention books that i’m reading to addison lately and i thought it might be fun to share a few more here that are in constant rotation around our house as of late with addison. children’s books are probably one of my very favorite things so it’s fun to have an excuse to sit down and read them with our family.

pout pout fish by deborah deisen // this is one of our favorite books. i know it’s weird. she loves it though. addison constantly grabs it and brings it up to me to read. i don’t really know what that means about us but she loves the pout pout fish. it’s really cute and has an adorable story line.

julia, child by kyo maclear // if there’s one thing we absolutely love about this book, it is completely the illustrations in it. they have the prettiest pictures in it and it always leaves me wanting to bake more. but really, addison is constantly trying to pick up the food in the pictures. you and me both babes! 

giraffes can’t dance by giles andreae // i like this book especially because it’s got such a good rhyming beat to it. the book is about a giraffe who goes to the dance and all the other animals make fun of him because he is stumbly on his feet. it has such a beautiful message behind it and it will inspire any child to be all they can be. i love reading this book to addi.

madeline by ludwig bemelmans // when i was young my parents bought me all the madeline books so when we found out addison was a girl, i knew i wanted to read her all the madeline books. the scene is always in paris (hello pretty) and the stories are so sweet.

rosie revere, engineer by andrea beaty // i heard about this book when someone mentioned it on a podcast i was listening to and i went on the hunt the next day for it. i probably read this book to addison once a day (if not more). she absolutely loves it and the colors and pictures are so vibrant. plus the story, i mean it will lift anybody’s spirits.

what are some of your favorite books for toddlers right now? we are always looking to add to our book collection!


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