yes. you read that correctly. i spent four hours driving down to florida by myself with two babies in the back so that i could turn around the next morning with the girls and come straight back home. i didn’t even have time to take out my nikon we were there and gone so quick. it wasn’t what we planned but sometimes things happen and you have to go with your gut and what makes the most sense.

but those 16 hours we were there. there were good good memories made. we stayed in the most adorable cottage that was right across the street from the beach. there was a pool about twenty steps from the door. we were on the first floor so we just rolled the stroller right in the door when we were done using it.

we swam in the pool when we got there. we had pizza and cheesey bread delivered for dinner. we took a walk on the beach to catch the sunset and it was the most perfect sky ever. and then the next morning as andrew was helping me pack up the car to come back home, the girls and i snuck away to the beach again to soak it all in. for selfish reasons, i looked out to the ocean and whined to myself “do we really have to go?”. and as i was watching the kids out there bright and early with there shovels and pails, i knew addison would have had so much fun if we could just stay. but that girl. she was so terribly sick and it would have been hard. so at eight o’clock in the morning, we waved goodbye to andrew (he had to stay there for work for the week) and we hunkered in for another four hour drive.

next month though. we shall try again next month.


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