my one little word for 2015 is start. it seems so abstract though. start what? start decorating our house? start projects? start reading more? start making new friends? start cooking again? start working out again?

yes to all of the above. i’m not sure where this word is headed when i picked it in january but i know where i want it to be. so in order to make these things happen, i’ve implemented a daily habit.

every single morning, i sit down at my desk even if i can only sit for five minutes, and i map out what is going on and what i want to accomplish in my planner. i decided to make this part of my daily routine because while i cannot complete everything that i set out to do most days, i can complete much more than i would if i didn’t have a list to write it down and cross it off.

my every morning habit has been helping me with starting projects for 28 before 29. it has been helping me to start decorate the house with what all needs to be done and it’s priority. while i’ve used planners for as long as i can remember, i haven’t had a daily routine of sitting down with them and just focusing on the tasks at hand.

so that’s my progress on start. i’m celebrating writing everything down, even when it’s just a reminder to buy supplies to start the project, so that i can remember to do them and cross them off. it’s all about progress.


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