my one little word in 2014 served me well. it was simplify. i was surprised how big that word became part of me. i was constantly thinking about it in everything i did whether it was simplifying the physical items in my home to the number of emails i subscribed to to the amount of blogs i read and everything in between. simplify kept popping up and cheering me on when i did great or encouraging me to keep pushing forward when i was slumping.

simplify will stay part of me in 2015 and going forward. it is something i want to continually work on and strive to achieve.

the new year brings a new word though. my word for 2015 is start. there are so many things in this new year (and in my life) that i want to achieve and i have big plans for them but instead of planning this year, i need to just start. i can figure out the details as i go along but i’m never going to be able to accomplish anything if i don’t start.

i am going to claim this word and let it take over every bit of me. i am claiming them now so a year from now i can look back and say wow, that word was pretty perfect for 2015.


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  1. December 30, 2014 / 2:15 pm

    Love this word for 2015! It's perfect for your fresh start in Alabama!

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