On My Heart

Now that my stomach is starting to show (with more than looks like too much lunch), people have been dishing out advice left and right.  At first, I thought I would just smile and take some and leave some.  I’m slowly realizing that I’m not leaving any of it.  I have been carrying a notebook with me everywhere I go and jot stuff down all the time because I don’t want to forget anything. 

This weekend I learned that rice cereal has arsenic and most babies have a hard time digesting it.  Who would have thought?  Someone also mentioned that they wanted to try cloth diapers and didn’t make it through the first round because of the plastic pants the babies would have to wear in order to not have everything soak through their clothes.  Common sense probably but that part never even crossed my mind and I was shocked at the idea of plastic pants.

I’m having someone come with me next week to register for baby showers because I haven’t got a clue what is going to be absolutely needed and what I can get by without.  It never crossed my mind to get different brands of bottles or pacifiers because a baby might not take to a certain kind.  What am I doing becoming a momma? 

Everyone tells me that when the baby gets here, I will just know what to do and I will get those motherly instincts.  But what if I don’t?  What if I don’t get motherly instincts?  I worry about this wee one growing inside of me all the time.  I guess that’s the whole idea of being a momma though…or so they say (whoever “they” is).



  1. September 19, 2013 / 11:56 am

    Wow. So much advice! You are going to be a great mom. There is just no way around it.

  2. September 19, 2013 / 6:32 pm

    I remember feeling the same way when I was pregnant for my son, now 7 months. Don't worry, even when you think it won't, it will all come together and work out 🙂 Also, I cloth diaper and you do not have to use plastic pants. There are SO many different options now! I use all-in-one's(AIO)and just as it sounds, everything is right in the diaper so I just slap it on his bum just like I would a disposible 🙂 The only difference is I wash it later instead of throw it out!

    • September 24, 2013 / 9:24 pm

      I'm glad to hear it all works out. It's a relief! I've been dabbling with the idea of cloth diapers too so I may have to look into those. Thanks so much for the suggestion Kim!

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