i’ve never had much of a home office space before.  we have a desktop computer so it’s always been a shared area and it works out well for us.  but being that all i do is pin images of things i want to do or spaces i want to create in our next house, it was inevitable that the time come where i am dreaming of some sort of home office more than anything.

it doesn’t have to be elaborate or fancy.  all i do is blog and pay bills but just a nice sweet place i can hide for an hour or two after the baby goes down.  a place where i can keep all my pretty images around me and will fill me to the brim with inspiration.  the above spaces i can’t get enough of an find them absolutely stunning.

i mean those wall hangings and inspiration boards.  pinch me if i can ever create a space s luxurious.  and all that white in the third picture is literally breathtaking.  someday maybe.  someday in my dreams.

ps. how is it that i can take a few images regarding home decor and turn it into a sappy sentimental mess?  aww geesh erin.

images can be found here


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