october was a blur. i don’t feel like it went fast for us but it was busy ever with closing on our house and moving from north carolina to alabama. we also had a lot of people who came to visit and transitioning to kids into a different school after only two months of being at the first school was easier than i thought but those two weeks that they weren’t in school was tough. they knew something was off and they craved routine.

all that to say, i’m glad october is behind us. i didn’t get much accomplished at all this month besides the essentials (packing our stuff and moving) and halfway through the month, i completely forgot about the power sheets so basically my daily goals went out the window by the 13th. there’s a time in life to give yourself grace and right now, this is the time i’m doing that.

i’m so grateful to be getting settled into routine and finding our normal again. i’ve got a lot of boxes unpacked and all our items are finding a home and november will be normal and beautiful. especially with the holidays right around the corner, i’m excited to get our house and lives prepped with all the fun traditions that are to be made with christmas creeping in.

in fact, i just found out that target has a lot of their christmas decor out already so after i drop off addison at school today, you can guess where we’re headed…haha!

i’m getting off track but here we go…a quick october goals recap (spoiler alert: it will be quick because there’s not a lot to be checked off here)!

october monthly goals
share fall bucket list this would have been a nice idea…had i made one…oops!
finish packing our stuff done and done and moved!
start unpacking boxes and organizing after our move i’m grateful i have a lot unpacked and organized already but i still have quite a bit to go
book trip to florida for next year yes!
read six books i read four so…man i have a lot to read in november and december if i want to get 52 read this year!
finish organizing photos on both computers nope. i don’t think i even got to this for one day.

amelia got her first haircut too and she (clearly) didn’t take it so well. that little pout 🙂

october weekly goals
journal half the time i didn’t even know where my journal was so there’s that…i think this probably happened two of the five weeks 🙁
put phone away by 9pm i did great at this the first week and after that i totally forgot because i didn’t have that reminder in front of me.
have backpacks and lunches packed on school nights yep! this has actually been incredibly helpful to me in the mornings because i’m not rushing around trying to do what should have been done already.

october daily goals (the results here are a joke!)
being in the word and in prayer each morning i tried at this i really did but it didn’t happen daily.
eat a salad for lunch ha. that’s funny. heck no this didn’t happen.
walk jack for the first half of the month i did great with walking jack every day, the second half not so much.
throw in a load of laundry on mornings i remembered, i did but if i’m being honest, it wasn’t a priority (and a lot of days i forgot)
read twenty minutes not every day no.

now on to november…

november monthly goals

order our christmas cards

make our holiday bucket list (and share)

hang things on the walls

continue unpacking

read four+ books

start on our christmas shopping

go on a date (or two) with andrew

november weekly goals

work out four times/week

meal plan and prep


november daily goals


h20 60+ oz

prayer/in the word

one load of laundry

night routine

up at 6:30am

happy november 1st!!


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