september blew all months out of the water with goals. not only was it super fun but there involved a LOT of family vacation time and it was exactly what these three people needed. i read a few books last month (that i can’t wait to share with you in a book report soon!!), we took a weekend trip to knoxville, tennessee and a week long trip to florida to meet minnie mouse(!!!), vegetables including kale, bell peppers, tomatoes and blueberries, were planted in my new garden, i got lots more knitting in, and started my christmas shopping. i didn’t blog nearly as much as i would have like and my working hours are still chalked up to addison nap times but i’d say september was wildly successful.

it’s good last month was a fun month because this month has busy written all over it. we bought addison’s toddler bed the day before we left for florida so the transition of moving her into the old guest room and having the new baby take addison’s room is officially underway. i want both of these rooms decorated and done this month so i don’t have to worry about it with the holidays coming up and this wee one arriving.

since it’s fall obviously i’ve got to put a couple things that involve the best season ever on my goals list. the crock pot is being pulled out, the cider and all spice has already been bought for the mulled cider and we’re probably be hitting up the pumpkin patch a few times this month.

but mostly this month is heavily focused on making sure things start to get in order for when baby c decides to make her appearance. but keep cooking little one. we can’t wait to meet you but not too early please!


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  1. October 2, 2015 / 8:13 pm

    Can I just say, I'm super impressed that you've already started Christmas shopping!

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