what a day the last few have been. we had my mom over for the last few days and between the typical someone else is hanging out with us all day (hooray hooray hooray!!!) and the halloween fesitivities around town over the weekend, i’m glad i can finally catch my breathe. we went to the botanical gardens and andrew’s dealership for trunk or treat on saturday. yesterday after we dropped my mom off at the airport, andrew and i took the girls out for trick or treat in the neighborhood and addison really got into it once she realized all she had to do was flash a smile and open her bag and she’d get candy. it was so sweet to watch :).

i used to share monthly goals here and i kind of miss doing it because it really holds me accountable so i’m going to start up again!

for the girls:

do more baking with addison and let amelia play with the bowls and wooden spoons during it. they both just love it!

finish up decorating both addison and amelia’s bedrooms. almost there, just have a couple more things to do.

swap out amelia’s nine month clothes for her twelve month clothes.

attempt christmas pictures in the backyard. we tried this this past weekend with my mom here and it was a total fail so i figured if i start now and try it once a week, something should turn out!

for me:

start waking up earlier than the girls.

be more mindful with nap times instead of just relaxing on the couch and scrolling through snapchat/instagram/etc.

drink more water.

for my blog:

in case you haven’t noticed, i’ve been really trying to get back into blogging consistently. i know it’s been a little bit sporadic but it’s more than i was doing before so for the rest of the year i’m really going to try to become more consistent with sticking to this space.


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