didn’t i just do one of these posts last week for october? geesh, this year is going so so fast. before november is halfway through, i’ve got to share my goals this month!

i didn’t finish addison’s new room or the nursery last month so it’s my mission to get it done this month. i still don’t have a super clear vision on how i want addison’s new room done up but i’ve definitely got the nursery figured out so i absolutely want to get that one done before she gets here. addison’s i think i will dabble with for a bit since i want it to be fun and playful, just like our little bean is. now that we’re talking about little addison, i might as well mention that we did in fact move her to her big girl bed last month and for the first few weeks it was a little rough and we had baby gates surrounding the bed but it’s gotten much better since then and we’ve only had one incident where she slept on the floor overnight. haha, not sure if that’s success but it is in our book.

many of the other october goals were successfully accomplished last month. lots of freezer meal recipes were found, pumpkins were picked, mulled cider was drank and the crockpot was put to very good use. the only thing i didn’t finish was the knit blanket i’m working on for our newest addition but i’m still plugging away at it during naptimes and at night so i’m feeling hopeful that it will be done this month.

i’m excited about my goals for november and feel like i’ll be more prepped than ever before for christmas by the time thanksgiving hits. i thought it would be really stressful to be due with a baby during the holidays but it’s really got me moving with all things holidays and christmas. we’ve only got a few more gifts to buy before we’re done with christmas shopping already!


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