welcoming this new week with open arms and packed bags.

striving to find balance between things i love for the nursery and things i don’t love but want just to finish it up.

dreaming about decorating the guest bedroom since i painted the room last night and it looks so bright and happy now.

also dreaming about a brand new baby in my arms in one month.

working on packing my hospital bag and reminding myself not to bring at 400+ page novel like i did with addison’s birth. #firsttimer

burning candles all through the night. not figuratively.

winding down my christmas shopping.

starting to get excited to begin the december daily project although…

needing to prep my december daily book so she’s ready to go once the first comes around.

re-reading fifty shades of grey because this year has been 100% about the biographies and memoirs and sometimes you just need a little trash read.

feeling large and in charge.

packing a bottle of champagne in my hospital bag for sure. i deserve one this time around.

hoping addison doesn’t feel the need to use my belly as a place for her bum to sit anymore.

counting down the days until we spend our holiday with friends and family.


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