for the past two years i have chosen a word for the year it’s something that means a lot to me and somehow i carry that word with me throughout the year consistently. i’m constantly thinking about how i can apply it to everything i do and the last two years i would say i have fully achieved that to the best of my ability.

at the end of each year, i pray about what word God is going to put in my heart for the upcoming year. without a doubt the word He told me fit everything perfectly in my life.

my word for 2016 is patience. making the motherhood transition from one to two is a tough one and i know got is going to grant me the patience i need to sustain everyone. but not only in motherhood is this word going to come in handy but in my daily tasks too. people around me when i’m driving or at the grocery store, meals being made, nursing taking longer than i want it to. this year is about slowing things down and finding my patience with my world around me, with my new baby, and with my incredibly active toddler.

i am excited to see where this word takes me and to look back at the end of 2016 and see how far i have come.

past years words: 2015 // 2014


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