i’ve been on this health journey for a consistent three weeks but i started the first week of august. that was technically my first week but with all our company i sort of fell off track. here’s what went down last week.

last week was a big setback. this seems to always happen to me when i’m in between challenge groups. my challenge group ended two sunday’s ago which means i had a week of not being accountable for anyone else or pushing anyone else. when i don’t have this motivation, i feel like my progress diminishes. we started doing our daily walks again but outside of that, the workout shoes never went on my feet. i’m not too thrilled to talk about this.

i mean, we had a cookout AND we were taking our friends around to visit birmingham! i ate as good as i could when i could but there was also pulled pork nachos and banana pudding involved. oy yeesha. i wanted to bring the entire bowl of banana pudding with me home. but i’ve been drinking all the flavored coconut water i can get my hands on. it’s so deeeeee-lish.

this pregnancy has been taking a toll on me because obviously i’m not losing weight which is a GOOD thing. but i gained a total of 29 pounds when i went into labor with addison and i’ve already gained 23 pounds. i truly love working out and eating healthy and will continue to do it but i’m thinking i may pick up this health challenge in january after i have the next baby. with random pregnancy cravings kicking in and my mid-section only getting bigger it’s almost getting embarressing to check-in every week and admit to all my failings. i’m still going after this but i will feel much better to be posting once i have something to post about…like finding my abs again!

it’s been fun friends and i hope you understand but this project while pregnant isn’t working and i don’t want to just have it disappear! if you are interested in seeing my workouts and nutrition progress, you can always find me on my page on facebook or my account on instagram!


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