week three and things for sure go slower when you’re pregnant. you don’t see the progress that others see but i am absolutely feeling stronger and more energized to keep up with my 19 month old.

the weather is slowly starting to cool off so i’m taking advantage of these evenings to go for walks around the neighborhood. i’m also continuing to do the CIZE workout and i feel like i’m getting stronger everyday with it. i love that i can power out a dance or two and not even feel like i’m working out.

my favorite thing i made this week by far was this orzo salad. i posted the recipe on instagram if you’d like to check it out but it’s so delicious and easy! i’ve been trying to stick with more proteins and water but i’m finding it more difficult than it probably needs to be. i’m cutting out sugars this month so i’m shooting for no candy or soda which will be so good for me IF i can do it. throwing fruit in my water and drinking more coconut water has been helping.

i’m going to try prepping most of my meals this sunday to see if that works. i’m finding lunches to be the most difficult since i’m the only one home. it’s not like i’m preparing lunch for anybody but myself and addison so i usually end up opening the pantry and just throwing something together and it’s not always that great for me.

end goal this wee, prep healthier lunches.

i definitely feel more energized but i’m curious about what more food and more water will do for me in the upcoming week!


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