oh hi. did i start a health challenge six weeks ago? why yes. yes i did. and i had every intention of posting every week and i was excited about it. and then i left for a few days for nashville and then while i was there i got a call saying andrew’s grandma passed and a day after i got home from nashville we went to milwaukee again and then we’ve had visitors non-stop since the beginning of august and i’m just now coming up for air.

so hi. i’m still doing my health challenge but let’s call this week 2 for the sake of me completely skipping and a little slacking in the last few weeks.

ready to jump back into it? i sure am.

i switched up my workouts and have been doing the new CIZE program over the last few weeks. i have to preface that with saying i am NOT a dancer and dancing completely intimidates me. but you know what doesn’t intimidate me? shaun t and all his you-can-do-it ness. so i’m doing it. you can watch some pretty embarrassing videos of me pretending to know what i’m doing. note: i never ever take my eyes off that tv. my brain doesn’t function to remember this stuff. maybe someday it will. the last three weeks though i’ve been moving and shaking and bumping and laughing at myself because i just look ridiculous but i love doing it anyway.

i haven’t been eating stellarly (is that a word?) lately with the company and the trips but when i AM eating good and consciously and without other people around, i’m all about the fresh tomatoes with a dash of salt. and salads. a lot of salads. and a lot of fruit. it’s just so dang fresh right now and i can’t get enough. but really i’m not eating enough of it so i’ll just eat as much as i can. i’m ready to get back on it though and excited to share about what is on the menu for this week when i eat it all and share next week (almost thought i’d share it with you didn’t you?) ;)!

i’m gaining weight and gaining inches. no shocker there. it’s a good thing. i cheer a little whenever i gain another pound (i’m getting big though) but i cheer even louder when i get through a workout without having to take a break to grab some water. this pregnancy is knocking the wind out of me and shaun t has got me all i-can-dance-this-isn’t-hard and my body is all you don’t even know how to do the macarena SLOW DOWN PLEASE. so when i first started CIZE, i took more water breaks than anticipated. and they are growing less and less. so progress right?

see you all next week! i promise to be here. and if i don’t you can all call me out and share my embarrassing videos on social media so i become a big ole laughing stock. thanks for following along…is anyone even out there for this week 2 update (even though it’s supposed to be week 7 but who slipped and feel off the boat? (meeeeee))


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