well here i am. same weight as i feel i’ve always been give or take five pounds but feeling like there isn’t much muscle or toning on this body. i became a beachbody coach in may but didn’t really get the ball rolling until june 1. i have been doing piyo for a month now (on and off because of toe surgery and a vacation where working out just didn’t happen) and last monday, i began my week 1 of the 21 day fix. i’ve done this program before last year but didn’t stick to the meal guide and i think that’s why i didn’t see the results i wanted to.

now obviously i’m not doing this to lose weight (obviously). with this baby being almost 18 weeks along, i can’t afford to be dropping weight right now. BUT. i can afford to be drinking more water, eating more greens and veggies, getting toned in my upper body and lower body.

which brings me to where we are now. my boobs and my stomach are growing growing growing. and there’s nothing that can stop that. the number on the scale is only going to increase and i am more thankful every time i see that number go up because it means this baby is only growing healthier and stronger by the day. i’m not looking at numbers though.

although i won’t see the results i want to immediately, i want to be able to see them after baby c gets here. so why not start on my nutrition and fitness right now? yes i’ll be doing more modifying in the workout the further along i get but i’ll have been active my ENTIRE pregnancy (which is a lot more than i can say from when i was pregnant with addison) and i’ll feel good and know my baby is getting all the nutrition and vitamins he or she needs.

so let’s talk about my GOALS and how this series is going to work. each week, i’ll talk about what exercises i did and how i am feeling. i’ll share meals or snacks that i enjoyed throughout the week so maybe if you feel motivated, you can give them a try too. i have a short term goal of two months to no longer feel dehydrated and also to get these arms toned! there’s a small bump of muscle there but a little definition would be so nice to see. my long term goal is to feel healthy and fit overall by the time christmas comes and our greatest gift of all is here!

this week i started the 21 day fix and i did all seven workouts. i missed the first day on monday but made up for it on tuesday with doing both monday and tuesday’s workouts. it was a killer doing double duty that day but i did it and felt great. addison started swimming lessons this week so it felt really nice to do my workouts in the morning and relieve the tension from my muscles in the pool in the afternoon. i used to do my workouts right away in the morning before anyone was awake but i’ve been taking sleep or working out and i am okay with that. addison has toys set up in the living room where we have our tv so i work out and she plays and eats cheerios after breakfast. i’m really looking forward to these next two weeks because even though i can’t see any changes, i feel my muscles kind of forming underneath all my jiggle!

up until about two months ago, i had been eating pretty bad. i was just feeling sad about moving and adjusting to my new role as a stay at home mom and wanted to indulge. i also took a two year break from the kitchen and knew i needed to get back in there. so the 21 day eating plan really made me buckle down and do just that. i cooked meals 5 of the 7 nights (which is a big deal for me) and though they weren’t the most tasty ever – i mean, what can beat spaghetti or pizza – they tasted right for my body and gave me that extra boost. i know what you’re probably thinking because i’m pregnant so how can i be doing the 21 day fix eating program while being pregnant. am i pretty close? when i did my calculations for what eating bracket and amount of containers i should be placed in, i just went up a bracket. so i’m getting even more food than the recommended 1,200-1,500 calories but now it’s not tacos or burgers. it’s more greek salads (obsessed), cottage cheese and blueberries, hard boiled eggs, and mashed cauliflower.

i’ve been using pinterest a ton to find good 21 day fix approved recipes and i use every sunday to plan out what our week of meals is going to look like. it’s a relief knowing what we’re going to eat every day instead of scrambling last minute. do you have any favorite healthy recipes? i’m always looking for new things to try!

i don’t use the scale and my pants aren’t feeling looser. but my my back and shoulders are feeling stretched and the muscles in my arms are feeling…there. like hi i’m here but you can’t see me but keep working and eventually i’ll make my appearance kind of here. but the main progress i’ve noticed about myself is i feel happier and lighter. i’ve been drinking shakeology every day and it’s doing wonders for my hunger. it’s curbing my sugar craving like no other, although seriously an orange soda…i have dreams about it. i’m really hoping i can stick to this because i’ve been feeling so great this last week or so and i’m really convinced that it’s because i’m pushing myself to work out EVERY SINGLE DAY. i’m making time for it because it’s important to me and feeding my body right for my growing baby is important too. it’s just all feeling…right. i’ll do my very best to keep up with this weekly and to be open and honest about the whole thing. thanks for following along!


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  1. July 14, 2015 / 4:25 pm

    Look at you being all healthy while pregnant. Most people go all "eating for two" or give in to their bad cravings but you are tightening ship. Love it. I have been obsessed with Greek salads lately too. I have one at least 3-4 nights each week. I have been eating a lot of Greek Quinoa Salads for lunches while at work. Make it once, eat off it all week. Sounds great right? My recipe for that is here

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