in the last year, things have changed drastically in my routine around the home. a year ago, my cleaning happened mostly on speed after work or squeezing it in on a weekend morning so i didn’t blow the whole day. these days it’s much different and i have a really good routine i’ve fallen in to. now that we’ve been in our home almost a year, i’ve finally found a proper place for all of my cleaning supplies and tools. because tidying and keeping things fresh and sparkly is a part of a stay at home mama’s job, i have tried my best to find joy in making it a relaxing and eventful duty and it’s gratefully worked with the routine i’ve created for myself.

the thing i love about our routine (and our being addison and i since she helps with the cleaning too) is that we do it once a week and we don’t have to think about it anymore until the following week. that’s not to say we don’t do daily cleaning (run the dishwasher every night, put toys away, etc.) but the real down and dirty stuff now falls into a beautiful tuesday cleaning routine and most of it is completed before she goes down for her nap at one in the afternoon. the only thing i do during that time is scrub the floors quick since she enjoys running so much and it’s hard to keep her little footprints off my wet floors.

we wake up in the morning and right away i get the laundry started while she watches a little tv and has breakfast. the laundry is sorted and the first load is usually in by 7:30am. i move on to the kitchen right away and empty the dishwasher from the night before, wash down all the countertops, clean the microwave and clean out the refrigerator, scrub all the sinks and make sure any stray mail is put away. we move on to the dusting and her and i dust all the surfaces where dust accumulates throughout the week.

addison’s favorite part of our cleaning routine is the bathrooms (my LEAST favorite). she helps wash the mirrors and countertops and makes sure i don’t miss any spots in the bathtubs when i scrub them. right before her nap is when i run the vacuum in the house and she typically retreats to her bedroom to read books or play with her toys.

throughout the day, i am flipping loads of laundry and making sure it all gets washed, dried, folded and put back to it’s proper home. since andrew works sales and wears a button up shirt every single day, you’d think there would be a lot of ironing. and there used to be! oh, i used to binge watch netflix while ironing because it made the time go a bit quicker. luckily though, downy wrinkle releaser has given me a lot of time back to spend playing with addison instead of ironing. this stuff works wonders! whenever his shirts come out of the dryer, i tug on the shirt to keep it’s shape, spritz a little all over, then hang it and voila. i don’t have to worry about lugging out the clunky ironing board or iron because this magical spray has done the trick. and it smells so fresh and ready to go too.

sidenote: i’ve been taking the travel size with me too when we are on the go so i don’t have to worry about wrinkly clothes that have been sitting in the suitcases for hours on end.

so needless to say, i don’t spend the entire day doing laundry or cleaning and when addison wakes up at three o’clock, we always have time for lots of play time or long walks around the neighborhood before dinner prep. i’m grateful for the sweet and simple cleaning routine we’ve fallen in to and hopefully it can stick for the most part when the second little one comes around. i’m sure we will have to do a little tweaking though!


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  1. February 2, 2016 / 4:11 am

    Good cleaning routine. I find that it helps to keep all cleaning supplies out in the open in a well-organized box as a reminder that I need to clean things. Often times I put them away and forget that there is cleaning to be done. It is good to see your routine doesn't take all day.

    German Zollinger @ Total Clean Equip

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