I have been an avid follower of blogs for a long time and am constantly getting inspiration and knowledge from certain ones.  I discover new ones too and sometimes they aren’t so worth it and sometimes I hit gold when I find a new blog.  I thought I would show you over the next few weeks some of my favorite blogs by topic.  Today we are starting out with my favorite mommy blogs.  These women that write the blogs below are absolutely incredible and I love reading everything they have to say.

Scary Mommy // Scary Mommy is a blog I found recently that has articles on just about everything you can imagine involving parenthood with a twist of humor to it.  A lot of them are informative, but then you have some that you just smile and nod or laugh hysterically at because you know as a momma exactly what she is referring to.  Some of my favorite articles are The Victoria’s Secret Swim Catalog Buying Guide, The Voice Inside Of My Head, and The Lesson I Learned From A Broken Crayon.

Enjoying the Small Things // Kelle is the beauty behind the blog and her three adorable children take over her posts like nobody’s business.  I would honestly love to be a fly in her home to watch her one day because she makes this whole mommying thing look like a piece of cake with her activities that she constantly has planned for her three sweet babes.  Even when sometimes her special surprises go horribly wrong, she tells her stories in the most magnificent way that you are drawn to her and totally want to be her very best friend.  Some of the activities I’ve bookmarked and plan to do when I have older kids can be found here, here, and here.

Along Abbey Road  //  I look to Abbey’s blog constantly for advice on certain things and I find myself relating to her all the time.  Her two boys make you want to swoon and she has got the best mommy style…I just don’t know how she does it some days.  She also gives great advice to raise a happy toddler and Lord knows I’ll need those tips sooner rather than later!

The Weigands // I have followed Casey’s blog for the past two years and she never ceases to astound me.  Her heart is so filled with love for her three sweet children and she is always making me question how I do things and alter the way I raise my little girl with intention.

Mother Mag //  Mother Mag recently launched and I am loving it!  Not only does it have great tips on how to stay stylish (which let’s be honest, it doesn’t always happen in real life but it sure is fun to dream), but it also provides great ideas to do in real life with a baby and helps with pre-baby (namepicking!!).

Blue Eyed Bride  //  From the first time I laid eyes on Erin’s blog, I loved it!  You can read all about why I am a huge fan of this blog here.

What are your favorite mommy blogs?



  1. June 12, 2014 / 6:47 pm

    Even though I'm not a mom I can appreciate these blogs! so many great ones and so inspirational!

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