i think i’m losing my game. my mojo. i want to be here in this space. i want to post every day and have dozens of exciting things to tell you all and share with everyone because you’re kind enough to stop by here when something new does appear. but i just don’t. i’m going to do my best though. my creativity train needs some new wheels i guess. i’m not promising every day (like i did last week…what a dumb move). but i am promising that i’m not disappearing. i’m just re-prioritizing.

this beachbody venture has had a slow start but i’m on the right track so far and i’m getting excited about everything that is coming up with it. i’m going to summit in nashville this year for three days and am going to be working out with Shawn T!!! i mean does it get any better than that? actually…yes because i’ll finally be able to meet my coach and i absolutely cannot wait. she’s been such a help and blessing in this whole thing and i can’t wait to hang out with her for those three days. i’ll get to meet all the other people of my team and three other girls and i are even having a slumber party (to split on room costs). i’ve never met any of these people in my life outside of talking to them on the internet and this is COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone but it will be good. good for me and good for my bite-size and growing business.

it’s been hotter than blazes here lately. yesterday it reached 100 degrees and my sweet friend who lives here says the heat and humidity are only going to get worse come july and august. say what?!?! i see many many …many… trips to the discovery world type museum in our future.

i donated three boxes of books to the library the other day and 12 garbage bags of stuff to the thrift store this morning. plus i’m packing up two thred up bags to send out. ahh it feels so so good to declutter. this is one topic i do plan on dedicating an entire post to…this i can promise.

after a girls dinner last week, i walked past a record store that was the cutest thing i ever have seen and stopped in. there were THOUSANDS of records there. i’m not even a record kind of girl but i couldn’t help but pick up a whitney houston record and grease record. i guess i need to get a player now!

i’m going back to milwaukee soon for a full week. ONE FULL WEEK. i am so dang excited that i can hardly stand myself. it still doesn’t seem like enough time to jam pack in all the people i want to see or things i want to do though. but it’s happening. and i can’t wait. i am a little nervous though. it’s going to be my very first flight with addison by myself and as good of a toddler as she is, i’ve never flown solo with her. anyone got any tips on how to fly solo with a toddler in tow?


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  1. June 21, 2015 / 12:37 pm

    I hope you have a great time at your summit! Sounds like a fun way to meet new people 🙂 I had a great time at girls night. Five Points has some interesting stores, right?!

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