i never appreciated what city living was like when i lived in wisconsin. i used to live only fifteen minutes away from downtown and i always hemmed and hawed about what a hassle it was to go downtown because there was never any parking. this still stands true but i never realized how much i took it for granted until i moved out of the city and state. and since i left wisconsin three years ago, the city has boomed with new everything! new restaurants are constantly popping up all over the place, just about every park in the area has some sort of music or movie every week and any given weekend from may through august you can always find some sort of festival or fair going on. it’s unreal. we’ve had the greatest time here thus far and it’s so much fun showing our kids the fun things we used to do here in the summer. basically i love it here and miss it so much but i’m also so thankful we get to spend so much time here and i try to soak it all in and do all the everythings that we can!

and now for a picture dump (because what would a blog post be without one!)…


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