in the last two or three months, i’ve gotten in to meal planning and taken serious pleasure in sitting down on a friday or saturday night after the girls go to bed, lighting a candle, and breaking out my cookbooks and meal planning notepad to put together our dinners for the following week. i love flipping through the pages and dreaming of what x, y, or z will taste like based off the pictures or the stories that go with the recipes.

of course we have a few go-to meals in our house that pop in every other week or so but for the most part, i like to try new things on slow weeks and keep it interesting. that’s why i was incredibly excited to get a sneak peak look at the chew’s new cookbook when they sent it to me a week before the release date!

it’s packed with feel good comfort foods and classics that everyone in the family will love. we’ve already tried a few of these recipes and i can’t wait to try more this spring and summer!

one recipe that i just adore came from this cookbook and i couldn’t get enough of it. this sweet potato gnocchi with brussels sprouts and brown butter was to die for and i could have easily ate the entire dish in one sitting had i been given the opportunity. it’s definitely a treat in our house to have a hearty satisfying dish like this.


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