enough reading in the last two months to finally make a book report out of it!

maine by j. courtney sullivan // this was interesting. every chapter has a different person’s view which is one of my favorite ways to read so i definitely appreciated how the author moved from story to story with each character (there are four main ones). it got a little drawn out in the middle but overall i thoroughly enjoyed this book.

the vacationers by emma straub // i had heard lots of good things about this book and those people i heard them from were right. it grabbed me. it was a quick easy read, a good one to take on vacation and it left me on the edge of my seat always wondering what was going to happen. i didn’t want to put it down until i knew everybody would be okay in the end.

the life-changing magic of tidying up by marie kondo // yes. just yes. i posted a full blown review here if you missed it. this book blew my mind and shifted my entire house and mindset around.

the one and only by emily griffin // i got through the first 125 pages (not an easy feat) and finally put the book down to rest. i love emily’s writing but i just couldn’t do it anymore. i felt like all i was reading about was football and how this girl is in love with her best friends dad but doesn’t want to admit it.

the likeness by tana french // i could not put this book down. it’s a murder mystery with a twist…a woman turns up dead who happens to look exactly like an local detective who used to work undercover. there are no leads in the murder so they pretend the victim didn’t die and the detective pretends to be her to gain insight into her life before she was killed. completely unrealistic? for sure. but i absolutely enjoyed it.


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