where is this year going? i can’t believe we’re already halfway through may and i haven’t even shared this months goals. or just that we are halfway through the month period. how is 2015 disappearing so quickly? oh man.

april was a success. i’m going to chalk it up to a success. i was up between 6 and 6:30 every single morning to get a good long workout in and it felt so great getting it in while the house was still quiet. i was energized and ready to go for the day before addison even woke up and i didn’t have to dread it all day long. best decision ever to become a morning workout person. 

i’ve got a giant tomato plant growing taller each day and there are already a bunch of teeny tiny tomatoes sprouting on her. someday i hope to have big garden boxes where i can grow a ton of fruits and veggies but for now my bitty tomatoes will make me one very happy girl. my next goal was cooking with quinoa…one word for that. bleh. i did it once and decided i don’t like quinoa at all. the texture, the taste, the smell. i tried it and i can’t do it a second time. so there’s that. obviously no projects were shared so i failed at this goal but books were definitely read! books upon books! i’ll have another book report out at the end of the month because y’all need to check out the good reads i’ve been loving lately.

i really tried to not bring my phone to bed but right after i made this goal i realized we don’t have a clock/alarm clock in our bedroom so that didn’t really work out. i tried to leave it on the dresser across the room before i went to bed but that was before i sat in bed with it for a good twenty minutes scrolling through instagram and reading blogs. i’m not giving up on this one though. i’m going to keep trying my heart out to leave the phone at the door (especially now that we do have a good old fashioned clock). our bedroom is slowly but surely getting decorated. unfortunately it wasn’t a huge priority to me because all the cool decor things i envision for our bedroom come with a hefty dollar sign so i’m holding off a little there. i’m not bummed about it though. all in due time.

may goals are light this month. partially because the month is halfway over already (did i mention that already?) and partially because we have travel and out of town company here over the next two and a half weeks so this month my goals are more about play. sometimes you need that in life.

cheers friends and thanks as always for stopping by!


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