did april fly by? because i feel like i blinked and was like wait a minute…monday is May first? what?

oh but april. what a busy funny month. not in the sense of funny where you laugh but more in the sense of weird and i didn’t accomplish nearly what i wish i would have.

let’s recap a little here…

april monthly goals:
-catch up on previous months albums (addison’s baby book, amelia’s baby book, december picture book, 2016 picture book) this is where the “funny but not so funny” comes in. i kept thinking okay i have to do this, okay i have to do this. but once again, i’m saddened to say that i didn’t finish or print any of the albums. i think i’m going to put this goal wayside for a bit and come back to it eventually. maybe if i tuck it away for a rainy day, i’ll find the motivation to complete these books without even putting them on my tending list.
-read four books i finished three. i initially thought i would be having a ton of time on my hands this month with laying in bed because i was going to have surgery on my toe but since i didn’t have a lot of spare down time, i didn’t get as much of a chance to read as i’d hoped. but three is pretty good still.
-blog eight times this month (i’m quitting the weekly goal for this and trying a monthly goal) i’m quitting the blogging goal and am simply going to start blogging for me instead of the idea of making it a priority. i don’t want blogging to become a must do because i enjoy it too much to make it a task i feel obligated to accomplish.
-finish spring cleaning master list before company is here did it! did it! did it!
-create a spring bucket list yes and you can see it here 🙂
-accept help after surgery i didn’t need to accept help after surgery because i didn’t have to have surgery!!!

april weekly goals:
-no TV from 9-6pm except in the car for the girls this didn’t happen every day but most days this was an absolute success. the days it wasn’t were the days addison skipped nap entirely but we both still wanted some quiet time so she would watch a sofia the first (her newest obsession) and i would read next to her.
-send mail to friends and family (no set number, just do at least one) yes!
-alone time date yes! it wasn’t necessarily away from home every week but on the nights andrew would work late, i would take time to myself and do what i wanted without feeling guilty about it.
-meal plan i am not good at meal planning. it only happened two of the four weeks this month but i’m not going to give up on this goal. someday this will come natural to me and i won’t have to write it down as a goal but for now, it will be an ongoing thing on my tending list.
-creative fun with the kids so much painting, so much play doh, so much fun for the girls!
-eat salads a few times a week um i think i had two total? like for the month i mean. hmm…

april daily goals:
-read 10 pages or listen 30 minutes on audible every day just about!
-floss yes!
-up by 6:15am more like 6:30 🙂
-go outside if it wasn’t raining all day, we were outside playing! and it only rained all day one day so this was an HUGE success.
-drink 60 ounces meh. i’m still not drinking like i should be. shocked?
-no social media after 8pm i changed this to 8:30 after the first few days of the month but i only accomplished this about 50% of the month. i simply kept forgetting about it until i got lost in all the scrolling.

now on to May!

my monthly powersheets goals for May:

this month is going to be a little bit weird and i’ll explain why in a few weeks for those of you who don’t know. we have a secret that i haven’t shared publicly but i will in two weeks so stay tuned! in the mean time, we are going to soak in as much family time as possible over the next two weeks!

-spend as much time as we can with all four of us together
-pack, pack, pack!
-cook more and eat out less
-make daddy & me books for both girls
-no frivolous spending (watch where our money goes)
-put together meal ideas for june and august – we’re spending a lot of the summer visiting family in wisconsin and since we’re staying with them i want to make sure i do my fair share of cooking since it’s a few more extra mouths to feed!
-get a massage (i’ll be saving this one until the end of the month because lord knows i will need it)

weekly goals for May
-continue using my write the word journal
-read a book every week
-call grandma
-hire a babysitter one to two times a week
-pick two days to be social media free
-continue writing in my gratitude journal
-meal plan

daily goals for May
-clean the kitchen before bed
-watch less television
-read twenty minutes a day



  1. May 3, 2017 / 3:10 am

    i have monthly goals but didn't think of DAILY goals. that's so smart! i'm due with baby #3 on the 16th so basically my goal for the month is to survive.
    i want to wear more make up — not like cake face of make up, but i have ALL this make up that is currently just sitting in my drawers. using it, especially having a baby will make me feel more…human, and less wasteful since we did spend a ton of money on buying said make up. so my daily goal will be to do something active every day (yoga or walking) and to put on make up every day 🙂

  2. May 3, 2017 / 12:35 pm

    I love this idea! I shared 2017 on my blog, but I really like the idea of monthly goals! And sharing them makes me feel more accountable, haha!!! Thanks for the idea and you are doing great!

  3. May 3, 2017 / 1:11 pm

    I am in awe by how organized you are! I love the monthly goals and your organizer!

  4. May 3, 2017 / 6:14 pm

    WOW! So many goals! I need to sit down and make a big list of goals for myself too! And keep track of if i finished them or not!

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