laughing at the moments when addison gives kisses to amelia. they’re always big sloppy hard ones and amelia’s face in the above photo is proof enough about what she thinks of them.

watching addison in constant awe of andrew these days.

eating all the avocado.

celebrating one of my best friends bridal shower in wisconsin this past weekend.

looking forward to her bachelorette party next weekend!

drinking all the gatorade and water and mother’s tea.

enjoying our daily walks, even if it’s becoming harder and harder to keep addison sitting in the stroller.

thinking about the giant black mark on my toe from the stitches that were taken out last week.

thankful that these toe surgeries don’t put me out very long but

hoping that this will be my last one considering it’s the third surgery in three years.

moving on from that talk though.

reading let’s just say it wasn’t pretty (i <3 diane keaton) and

next up on my reading list is hustle, believe, receive.

still listening to me before you but i’ve only got ninety minutes left so that will likely get done on our walk today.

excited to hear about netflix eventually adding in all the disney movies!

watching nothing in particular right now but when i do turn the tv on it’s to watch love it or list it.

recommending young and hungry if you need a new netflix show. it was very good and very quick.

crying i’m laughing so hard at this video because i can totally relate if you change the panda to a child.


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