a few months back, i wandered off into barnes and noble for some tried and true r&r time while addison was off gallivanting the town with her daddy. every once in a while when i’m there, i’ll treat myself to a little treat from starbucks, i just don’t think it gets much better than wandering aisles and aisles of books with a delicious warm drink in your hand. this specific time, the marshmallow bar looked incredibly tasty to my hormonal taste buds and i went with it. can’t say no to a kicking unborn baby am i right? i’ve made rice krispy bars before but this was a completely different level. i’ve never tried something so gooey and amazing before. there was no hardness to it whatsoever and it just melted in your mouth.

i decided i had to figure out how to make these so i wasn’t making special trips to the bookstore just for this sweet treat!

i’ve played around with it a bit and i think i got it just right. now i can enjoy this special treat anytime i want to and so can you. but seriously take it from me. you want people to help you eat these because you will eat the entire pan if left unattended.

one standard box of rice krispies
one stick of butter (plus some for buttering the dish)
one 16 oz bag of marshmallows plus one extra cup of marshmallows

butter a 9″ x 13″ casserole dish. slowly melt the butter in an eight quart saucepan. you don’t want the butter to burn or brown at all. i used a heat of two out of ten. slowly melt the marshmallows. same thing for this; don’t burn it. the whole melting process took around 15 minutes. mix in the rice krispies thoroughly.

when it’s all mixed together, add the extra cup of marshmallows. mix again to distribute evenly. pour the mixture into the buttered casserole. lay wax paper over the top and then press down to get a flat top. allow to cool, cut, and serve.


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