Mama Shannon // Traveling With A Baby

Whether you are driving or flying, traveling with a little one can seem like a daunting task. Getting from point A to point B can be stressful when you are alone, now throw a baby into the mix and it can make a parent’s hair fall out. Throughout the last 6 months, my newborn has been on over 5 long road trips with my husband and I and we plan to take him on a plane in the coming months for a family getaway. Here are the tips I’ve been given and found helpful. I hope they can bring some ease to you as you plan your next trip with your little one.

1. Be organized! I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a checklist. This was super hard
for me as I tend to be a “fly by the seat of my pants” traveler. That doesn’t work with a baby.
Write everything you can think of and recheck that list before you leave.

2. Get that diaper bag packed with everything you think you need and then some. Do you have
enough diapers? Put a few more in just in case. Bring an extra pair of clothes; babies like to
puke, a lot. A huge overflowing diaper bag is much better than standing in the security line at
the airport with a screaming baby who has a wet diaper.

3. When searching for a flight, take into account how many stops there are. If it came down to
making a stop versus paying $100 more for a nonstop flight, you better believe I’m paying
$100 more. It’s also a great idea to try and find a flight that corresponds with your child’s nap
schedule or even a red eye. One last tip when scheduling a flight, if you have the option to
choose your seats, try to sit closer to the front versus the back of the plane. Children crying
in the back of the plane sound much noisier versus when they are sitting in the front, it’s just
something I’ve observed while flying pre-baby.

4. It never hurts to ask! When you are waiting to board your flight, ask the rep at the desk if the
flight is full. You may be able to switch rows so you can get extra room without paying for an
extra seat.

5. When taking off and landing, feed your baby. The pressure on their little ears can be painful for
them. Nursing or bottle feeding really helps balance the pressure.

6. When traveling by car, give yourself extra time. Depending how little your baby is, a 5 hour road trip might take you 8 hours. I breastfed and when my son was teeny tiny he took forever to eat
and he was hungry every couple hours. Just be patient and plan ahead.

7. Bring activities. I have a mirror attached to the backset for my son to look at while we’re
traveling. It lights up and plays music and I can see him in my rearview mirror which is a plus for
me. It keeps him occupied for a while.

8. Lastly, just breathe. In the end, you will make it to your destination. Give yourself time, plan
ahead, pack your bags, don’t worry about what others think.


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