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hi lovelies. i’m karli and i blog over at farmer & the bell.

first of all – a huge congratulations to erin. the journey she’s on with her little one is, in my opinion, the most challenging, rewarding, emotional, elating experience…ever.

and that’s coming from a girl who shies away from emotion…such a cold, dark, heart.

however, i think i’ll take a different approach to my “motherhood” post because as i’m reflecting, i just keep thinking about things i would do differently. is that weird?

1 | i’ll be buying a rocker or glider for my second baby. i took the cheap route for baby one and was convinced a rocker/glider would be a big waste of money. not so fast panama red. it would have been glorious all day long every day (even still) and i definitely would have appreciated it when my gal needed extra love during those long, sick nights.


2 | pregnancy pillow. i was also too cheap to buy one of these. what. was. i. thinking? i’m positive with round two i’ll be using it from about week 20 to week 42…should i go two weeks past my due date again.


3 | gel packs for the nips – how did i NOT KNOW ABOUT THESE? those first two weeks that i nursed i had to bite a leather strap (not really, but it probably would have helped) as my gal latched. i have a feeling these would have been a welcome addition to my bra all day every day.

there are several kinds, but here are two…


4 | pump the brakes on the workouts. i was convinced i could pull it off like the movie stars and be back to my pre-pregnancy weight in a month or less. and i was…but at the cost of my health. it took forever to heal and i also think (reflecting now) it probably hurt my nursing schedule.

on the flip side – i do think fitness is important not only for health, but to be emotionally healthy! after having a baby your hormones are still absolutely bouncing off the walls…breastfeeding does not help this. there is nothing like a good workout to bring your mind back to center. am i right or am i right? just make sure you ease back into it. i know i will with round two.

5 | the day kaye was born a photographer came charging into our room asking if we wanted kaye’s picture taken. i was so shocked by her intrusion i quickly (and rudely) declined and then probably glared at her as she left the room. we have exactly zero professional pictures of kaye from 0 – 3 months. whenever i see newborn pictures i get sad that we didn’t suck it up and let the lady swaddle her up and snap a few shots…even if she was rude.

we ended up with shots like this…

thank god she looks like this…

these are my motherly tips. not the most heartfelt. certainly not the best advice. but DEFINITELY things i’ll do differently on the next go-round.

thank you so much to erin for having me. i can’t wait to see lots pictures of her bundle!


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