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i saw this quote a few weeks ago and it has been resonating in my mind ever since.  this year has been one of the quickest years i have ever experienced.  

i know i say this often but honestly, i feel like we just rang in 2014 and here we are closing out the summer and welcoming a brand new season….one that leads into another very long season.  i think about the last eight and a half months and i keep thinking about all the things i wanted to accomplish and haven’t yet.  

but then i also take another step back and think to myself wait a minute.  you may not have made all those projects you wanted to or kept up with project life like you planned or even cooked as much as you would have liked but you have made incredible memories with your husband and you watched your baby turn from a newborn to an infant to a smiley happy child who army crawls faster than jack can run on some days.  

i feel like i’ve accomplished a lot and nothing all at once.  these days are moving quicker than my mind can keep up with.  

i’m slowly learning to be more present in the moment.  

to not try to make things rush by.  

to soak up the fresh air and breathe in the family and friends who love me and care for all of my family and i.

to savor the little things because those turn into the big things that you remember.

to hang on to every smile and laughter.

to inhale every sweet smell of baby and friendship.

to cling to every kind word and hug.

i’m slowing my pace down.  rumor has it moving down south will make you slow down your pace anyways so i might as well start now.

because tomorrow and the day after that and the day after that is how i’m going to spend my life.  

so stop making those lists of DIY projects you want to make or recipes you want to create.  stop making lists of dreams of building a bicycle or knitting a scarf.  and especially for those of you who want to start a business or put yourself out there on a blog but are too caught up in the details on when or how just stop wondering or worrying and start doing.  

jump in and see where it will take you.  you’re not going to learn it all until you start doing.  

so put the list down and jump into whatever is you’re thinking about.  

forget everything that is holding you back.  

because wouldn’t you rather spend time savoring the moment than thinking about what it could be like?


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  1. September 17, 2014 / 1:23 am

    Such a powerful thought. Our world is so fast paced, so immediate now it's hard to look at the little moments as being a part of the story of our lives! I am trying to remind myself of so much of your list, but it's so easy to forget! Thanks for sharing!

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