Honestly what is a lifestyle blog?  Isn’t every blog a lifestyle blog since whatever your blogging about involves some aspect of your lifestyle?  Regardless, I have favorites that post about everything and anything under the sun.  Here’s a list of blogs I go to for inspiration every day!

A Cup of Jo // How do I even describe a blog like Joanne’s?  Genius?  Brilliant?  The woman is like no other.  She posts multiple times a day with EVERYTHING your heart and eyes can imagine.  Recipes, travel tips, style, motherhood.  Honestly, you name it and it is likely in her archives.  Sometimes when I’m bored, I just dig through her archives because there is always something new in there.  I fall in love with her blog every single stinking time I open it.

Hey Natalie Jean // Natalie is in my top five blog reads of all time.  Her style is killer but not only that, her writing and humor keep it real and light.  She just published a book (!!!!!!) and she shares her stories about the crazy encounters she’s experienced with living in NYC.  Plus her little Huck is the cutest silliest monster you ever did see!

One Fine Day //  Ashley is the colorful mind behind One Fine Day and she radiates color.  Every picture she takes explodes with more color than the last!   She writes about everything under the moon too with must have guides under $50, what she’s loving lately, and real life talk on Thursdays with Thursday Thoughts.

Love Taza // If y’all don’t Naomi yet, she is a must must must read!  Formerly known as Rockstar Diaries, this mommy to two (soon to be three) has got the coolest style, lives in the big NYC, and takes the funnest adventures with her littles.  Honestly, I want to be best friends with this girl!

Pencil Box //  Katie has the sweetest style and is a painter.  A PAINTER!!!  She makes the most beautiful artwork and takes the most prettiest pictures ever.  They’re so bright and radiant that I can’t wonder how she makes living and loving look so easy!

Pencil Shavings Studio // I only recently found Rachel’s blog because of her shop but I just love it.  It’s simple and brilliant, funny and true life in its messy glory.  Plus the layout is simply beautiful!


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