The entire month of December is my favorite and this holiday season has seemed even more magical with the anticipation of a new baby in our home soon! Every year I put so much pressure on myself to do all the things and this year was of course no different but halfway through the month when I realized some of those things weren’t going to happen, I didn’t beat myself up over it. Just enjoying the simple magical and twinkly moments with my girls has been the most important thing to me right now.

Life has been so full and busy as it always gets around this time of year so here is a hodge podge of “life lately in photos”.

Checking out their stockings that St. Nicholas filled 🙂

We made fake snow for the kids to play with and they absolutely loved it!

North Pole Train!

After Amelia’s school program…so sweet!

Christmas Eve hug for the inflatable Santa and setting up Santa’s gifts after the kids went to bed.

Christmas morning

Twinkle lights and sleeping in forts because winter break is the best time for that <3


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