at the beginning of june i was all about the upcoming summer. and for good reason. we have some really exciting stuff planned for the past three months and with a baby? i mean hello, i couldn’t wait to have addison try everything new to her and see her many different reactions on everything. we kicked it off with a summer bucket list that I’m proud to say i plowed through and only have a very few more things on the list and ended it with a backyard cookout over labor day weekend. landing in the middle was a family reunion to beat any other, a few camping trips, a door county family trip, a job promotion and a sign in front of our house that yelled out “buy me”!

i really do love the summer months. i love the extra sunlilght hours and i love that shorts and a tee makes an outfit. i love the tiny freckles and sunkissed skin. and man…this summer wasn’t even a scorching one like i thought it would be but it was perfect to me. but now the mornings have been a brisk touch of the 60’s and there has been damp windows when i get into my car for work. and i am realizing i’m excited about the cooler weather. i’m ready to layer up in sweaters and scarves and to cuddle addison close instead of having her sweat in my arms. we have some pretty fantastic things lined up these next two months including a trip to alabama to go house shopping (!!!) and i’m ready for it.

let’s do this autumn.


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