things have been quiet over here the last few days. it was an unintentional break but a much needed one. poor addison has been sick the last week and a half and it breaks my heart. she’s about 95% of the way back to normal and then after her insanely long nap this morning, andrew noticed she cut three teeth during that nap. so holy teething no wonder why that kid won’t eat anything lately! can you blame her?

i’ve been rethinking this here space a lot lately and just exactly how much i want to be sharing of our lives. this blog is only a snippet of our life; it by no means is the entire thing nor do i want it to be. i’ve been dabbling with the idea of pulling back some of the personal lately but then i realized that even though this space isn’t meant to be a complete online diary, years from now when i’m retired and have grandkids, i’ll be able to look at this space and think oh yeah i almost forgot about when…

i’ve been listening to a lot of inspirational podcasts lately and they’ve been leading me to push my creative side even more (read: at all). i spent almost the entire night after addison went to bed crafting and listing and racking my brain and the internet for what other projects to make. since well…28 before 29 is going pretty slow and lord knows i need to get moving on that one before june comes around.


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