Last Three Month Favorites!

Well hi there friends! It’s been a minute since I played around in this space on the web but alas here I am! Back in the beginning of November, I started using oils and decided to turn it into a small business since I was telling my friends all about it anyway. So between learning all the things/starting that up and the holiday season, something had to give and this always seems to be the thing that goes on the back burner.

Such is life I suppose!

I’m excited to jump back on the computer to write and share again! To start things off, I thought it would be fun to share all the things I’ve bought or been gifted in the last few months that I think you’ll enjoy!

For a while after Christmas I was in a slump of not being interested in updating my wardrobe and just stuck to a lot of neutrals. Needless to say, it got boring quick so I changed that.

These overalls are sweatpants material and are literally the coziest things I’ve ever worn! Plus they’re perfect for that transition into spring and gosh I’ll probably just live in them for the rest of 2019!

This Revlon styler hair dryer is taking over the internet and I had to see what the hype was about. I’m usually not one to do much with my hair because I always run out of time so I figured the worst that could happen is it didn’t work for me.
This dryer brush is the best thing that’s ever happened to my hair and gives me straight out of the salon hair! I’ll never go back to a regular blow dryer again!
I found these shoes online and couldn’t resist the color! It’s that perfect cognac color that everyone dreams of plus it’s in a tennis shoe for everyday running around the town.
Zella leggings are life but you already know my love for those. I found this flowy top and loved how the stripes sort of broke up in pattern and it doesn’t suck to my mid-section because #twokids. (That extra just doesn’t go away no matter how hard I try!)
Did I tell you I’m wearing glasses now? 😉 Kidding but I definitely hopped on the Blue light glasses train to see if they were worth it and my eyes definitely don’t feel strained anymore after looking at a computer screen all day. When I was high school, it was a DREAM of mine to get glasses so this makes it totally justifiable now!

Also I’m definitely loving this turtleneck sweatshirt. I’m wearing a size small and it fits a bit oversized but it really is so cute and it comes in a few colors!
One thing I asked for this Christmas was a decent size everyday purse that was big enough to hold all my things but wasn’t too huge or too small. Enter the Madewell bag. It’s perfect size, has a long arm strap to throw over your shoulder and go, and is (again) the best cognac color for all seasons.
Such pretty springtime colors and would be adorable to wear with cutoff shorts this spring/summer! I’m wearing a size small here for sizing reference.

Addison also wanted to jump in the picture and this heart sweatshirt dress was absolutely irresistible when I went to Old Navy a few weeks ago! So perfect for love month!

Thew few updates I did definitely helped me get out of my white/gray/black wear everyday and it started getting me excited for spring which hopefully is just around the corner!



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