First things first, I’m a realest.  But for real I have had this no good very bad sore throat turned major stuffy nose turned nasty cold since the 20th of July.  You guys.  That’s like three weeks.  I’m pretty sure I’m dying from this…whatever this is.  Lest you think I am exaggerating…well I am always exaggerating.

In other news we took our five month old to the zoo.  She probably would have had an equal amount of fun staring at the same toys for hours on end but instead we took her on a train ride and shoved her face into wooden cutouts and we called it good.  Nothing like playing with a real life doll and acting like a kid looking at the animals.

Best part is she stayed awake for the whole thing.  And when she got a little sleepy, we would overstimulate her to the max so she would stay awake.  Because you just cannot sleep through the zoo!

And now for some photos because that’s how this blog thing works.

^^Doesn’t this monkey look like an old grandpa?!!  I love it!!

^^Be sure to visit the baby giraffe that will be born in 2015 at a Milwaukee County Zoo near you!  (Jeez…our timing couldn’t have been better.) (Note Addison clutching Sophie the giraffe for dear life.)

^^This bear cracks me up!

^^We’re those parents.  #sorrynotsorry

^^And that just about covers our entire day.

Mother Teresa over and out.


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