woweeee what a busy month may was! we said goodbye to andrew when he moved to north carolina in the beginning of the month, packed up the house, had our last days of tumbling class and swim lessons for both girls, finished addison’s school for the year, packed a house to move to both a storage unit and to a new house in north carolina and also moved out of our house earlier than anticipated to hang out with andrew in north carolina for a few days before road tripping it up to wisconsin.

it was a month of a lot of prayers that we were doing the right thing and excited answers that confirmed yes, god is with us a his hand is heavily holding and guiding our plans. or HIS plans i should say. we had some much loved time with friends in alabama before we moved and even though we will miss our friends there greatly, i know we will stay in contact and still see each other. they are just too dear to not be with <3.

here’s a recap of may goals and how they went down along with goals for june…

may monthly goals:
-spend as much time as we can with all four of us together the last week andrew was in alabama with us, we spent alllllll the time together. he took so many days off before he left and we relished in that family time.
-pack, pack, pack! check, check, check. what a nightmare packing is (no matter what situation you’re in) but phew it was tiring and now is done.
-cook more and eat out less we spent a lot of the month cleaning out the refrigerator and pantry 😉
-make daddy & me books for both girls made these and they were delivered this past weekend! i can’t wait to show them to the girls because they will be SO excited!
-no frivolous spending (watch where our money goes) YES, this was a good goal for the month. my mindset was “the more i buy, the more i have to pack” so even though i bought a few unnecessary things, it was incredibly minimal. and really the only reason i bought a couple unnecessary things was because two road trips within three days with two toddlers. yeah, unnecessary NEW things are absolutely necessary!
-put together meal ideas for june and august i didn’t put together as many recipes as i wanted to but that won’t stop me from making sure to cook often. and i’m going to spend the first week of the new month doing this so i have a good go-to list now that i’m here in wisconsin.
-get a massage best goal EVER. shout out to sara who got me a gift certificate for my birthday last year, i knew it would come in handy!

may weekly goals:
-continue using my write the word journal every week i did this and it was so fulfilling to just sit with the bible and write and BE
-read a book every week no. lol. i so wish this would have happened but life got too busy as it does sometimes and reading slipped to the back burner.
-call grandma every week it happened. it was so nice to hear her excited voice every time she picked up the phone <3
-hire a babysitter one to two times a week four of the five weeks this happened and it was the best thing i’ve ever done for myself (thank you again from the bottom of my heart emma!)
-pick two days to be social media free i only did one day social media free every week. two days man, i felt like i was missing out (but on what i’m not sure).
-continue writing in my gratitude journal yes and LOVE this
-meal plan ha. may was very much a fly by the seat of my pants kind of thing with meals. does anybody have tips to meal plan? i’m soooo bad at it 🙂

may daily goals:
-clean the kitchen before bed does anyone else make this a habit? life changing i tell you.
-floss as much as i did this, i still need to get better.
-watch less television the kids and i did great up until the second last week of the month when it was packing crunch time and then i was all “watch whatever you want i don’t even care as long as you’re quiet.” haha, oops! but in the summer they hardly ever watch tv at all so they made up for the upcoming months!
-read twenty minutes a day i’d say i accomplished this about 70% of the month but not enough to finish books apparently!

and here’s what i want to accomplish in june…

this month is going to look different than every other month because we are staying in wisconsin with family for the whole month. so where i normally have some sort of home or cleaning goal on my power sheets, there’s going to be a lot more fun things. plus, hi…summer adventures > cleaning 😉

june monthly goals:
-make (and start) our summer bucket list – i got a little excited about this and completed our bucket list already! i’ll be sharing it tomorrow 🙂
-mommy and kids photoshoot
-read four books
-teach addison three new things
-finish (FINISH) knitting amelia’s blanket
-be intentional with cooking for family

june weekly goals:
-take girls exploring in milwaukee
-breakfasts with grandma
-write the work journal
-one line a day & gratitude journal
-use my nikon camera more
-addison preschool activities

june daily goals:
-read 20 minutes
-random act of kindness
-friend check-in
-drink 60 ounces


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