In Which I Proclaim My Love For Sweatpants

Don’t act surprised.  This post was a long time coming.  Says the one who doesn’t stay in regular clothes five minutes after she gets home from work.

Now, these sweatpants.  THESE SWEATPANTS!  I should have put wear more sweats on my new years goals because 13 days in and I am nailing this one.  We’re shooting for the moon over here.

I’m not lying when I’m saying these sweatpants are one of the better things that have happened to me in 2014.  I ventured out the day after Christmas to kill some gift cards that were burning a hole in my purse and I couldn’t run to the checkout fast enough when I found these.  They are so comfy…both fitted and loose and my butt still exists in them.  #winning  Did I mention they are sooooooooo soft?  These pants are the reason the laundry keeps going because I am constantly looking for them.  I really need to go back and pick up another pair just in case they are ever in the wash and I am in dire need of sweats (as I hear Andrew in the background chanting no more sweats).  As soon as I step in the door these days, it’s off with the outfit, on with the sweatpants.

Seriously, someone please remind me to add this to my goals list next year.  I’d kill it!


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