babies are expensive.  simple as that.  we didn’t realize how expensive they would be until we started doing the research about products and stages of life and oofta…those dollar signs just kept multiplying like crazy.

we do our best to try cutting down as much as we can but with a baby, it’s hard stuff sometimes.  here are a few things we have done to save a little bit of money with having an eight month old.

we make our own baby food.  when i got the cuisinart baby food maker a few months back, i was determined to put that thing to good use and it sure has got a lot of use since addison started solids at five and a half months.  every two weeks, i set some time on a saturday or sunday to make as much baby food as i can get my hands on (usually about three to four weeks of food).  i put the food in small containers (or ice cube trays) and freeze them until we are ready to use.  it’s a little time consuming but saving us so so much money at the end of the day. plus we know exactly what is in the food addison is eating.

at least 75 percent of addison’s clothes have been thrifted.  babies grow so so quickly and the prices for brand new clothes for children is absolutely outrageous.  i grew up thriving for summer simply for rummaging with my mom and now i am constantly going to rummages or thrift shops looking for clothes for addison.  you can find some real steals and if you dig a little, the prices are incredible and the clothes are so cute!  any stain can come out eventually and as long as you do a little washing before your little one wears it, those outfits will be as good as new.

we go places with addison that are free.  we take addison almost everywhere with us and it can get expensive if we let it.  when we do things as a family though, we try to do the things that are free.  the zoo is free for kids two and under in milwaukee, picking out pumpkins at the pumpkin patch costs nothing (except for the miniature pumpkin addison insisted on getting), we go to the park across the street a lot to play on the swing set, and taking walks is one of addison’s favorite things to do before bed.  it might be easy now to do free things with her but i know it’s going to be more challenging as she gets older so i’ll definitely have to expand my ideas then.

this post was inspired by the folks over at Dollar Shave Club who save you time and money by sending you quality razor blades to your door for a $1 a month!


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