Home Tour: Addison’s Nursery

First off, major shout out to all the ladies who took over my blog the last two weeks!  It was such a help to have them while we got adjusted and I hope you all enjoyed reading their awesome posts!

I’m finally getting into the groove of things and life has sure changed the last few weeks but it’s so much fun.  I love having a little one in the house, it makes everything so magical!  I would have posted these pictures on Sunday night but our main computer has been having some issues and my battery completely died on my laptop so you know…that’s fun.  But the i-Pad came to the rescue for pictures!

I have been dying to share the nursery on the blog for quite some time but I’m glad that I waited for Addison to get here so I could include a couple extra details.  Plus it’s always fun to add a baby to nursery pictures isn’t it?  The rest of the house tour will finish up next week but for now, this is definitely my favorite room in the house these days (which is good because so much time is spent in here anyways!





  1. March 6, 2014 / 12:56 pm

    Loving your giraffe and wall map!

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