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Lately I’ve been feeling like things are spinning a little outside my control.  Okay a lot actually.  Like holy flip I need to get all this done between the time I get home from work and when I go to bed or else it’s going to pile up on me and rush rush rush and move move move.  Guess what?  This is already my current state and I’m trying to pull back the reins.  The piles around my house are a mile high and my to-do list gets added to more than it gets crossed off.

The deciding factor that things needed to change was when I blew up on Andrew a few Sundays ago about not helping my the “right” way (aka the Erin way) with things I was bringing to Chelsey’s baby shower.

“What do you mean you didn’t put bows on the gift?”

“You never charged the camera?  I know I didn’t as you to but you should know I would forget!”

“Oh my god these heels are killing my feet; why did you even suggest these….gawwwd?”

Seriously the poor guy.  It’s amazing he deals with me some days.  I could blame pregnancy hormones but every time I’m feeling stressed I turn into a monster so pregnancy isn’t even a legit excuse anymore.

I’m a huge paper lover so when I saw this online by the most organized person I know in blogland, I knew I had to make my own version.  (If I’m this stressed without a baby physically here, I’m scared to think about when February comes.  Time to get my life together!)

Home Management Notebook

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Yes, I felt it necessary to get all inspirational on you.  It seemed appropriate.  Okay, so this binder.  I’ve only been using it for a week now and I’m loving it!  The idea is to not have so many lists/reminders laying around where they are bound to get lost but instead have everything in one central location so I’m not in a panic last minute.  Also, I now have schedules for meals and cleaning the house so I know what needs to be done when and don’t fall too far behind (like three weeks behind on laundry!).

 I spent about a week compiling everything I thought would work best for our household and put it all together on a Sunday night in a cute cheap binder that I couldn’t be more proud of!  I’ll eventually buy a nice leather binder that isn’t so flimsy but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money before I knew I was going to use this regularly.

I decided to keep my regular calendar separate from this since I constantly need it when I am on the go for appointments and plans but this home management binder keeps track of everything else.

These are the tabs I made since these categories are the ones I think about most often:

Daily Agenda
Baby C.

The daily agenda includes things I want to accomplish throughout the day, my weekly goals, and blog things I need to do like writing up a post or take/edit certain pictures.  I don’t seem to fill this up everyday since I don’t work at home so I use this daily agenda for two to three days at a time.  It works for me now but I’m sure I will soon need it for everyday use.

The meals section is where I do all our meal planning for the week.  In the right column, I jot down where to find the recipe and anything I need to remember to add on my grocery list.

I also have a favorite recipes section in the back for any of our go to recipes when I can’t find anything new or don’t have the time.

The weekly tab is for chores.  It’s broken down by day so I know what needs to get done when (and if time permits I get started on the next day) so I don’t spend an entire Saturday or Sunday cleaning out house.  Or worse, letting it go and being embarrassed when people come over.

Baby C has a section in the binder for reminds of what we need to do in preparation of his/her arrival.  This sheet will be getting a major face lift once the baby is here but for not we just needed a place for reminders.

In the blog tab, I have space to jot down things I want to remember for future posts, giveaway information, reminders to email people back, sponsorship reminders, etc.  You know all the fun blog type things!

I put in a section for projects since I’m constantly writing down projects I want to do on scrap paper and then always losing them.

I also have a second section in projects for specific projects and when I want to have each one done by.  Hopefully now they won’t be put off all the time anymore.

The gifts section I know is going to be a tremendous life saver.  I printed off one calendar for birthdays so I don’t forget them anymore and maybe I’ll get cards out early now!  I also printed out a second calendar for anniversaries since I always feel bad about forgetting these too.

The second part of this section is a place to write gift ideas and keep track of what is done and what still needs to be done.  This will make Christmas 1,000 times easier!

The notes section is simply a place to jot down notes and reminder of miscellaneous things.

If you have any questions or suggestions, I’d love to hear them!  I love this things and it’s already making life that much more pleasant!  Do you have a home management binder or something like it?


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  1. October 21, 2013 / 5:05 am

    This looks really helpful.
    I like the idea- I think I should try it!!!

  2. October 21, 2013 / 8:11 am

    I have been thinking about a household binder but now you have motivated me to get it done. Thanks so much for posting all the details. My categories will be different but just as helpful. I like the idea of having a folder in the back for recipes. I am going to utilize the birthday pages you suggested as well as the to do list. I want to include veterinarian care, car care, insurance and utility bills. I think a folder for all the people you have to hire for household tasks would be great to Thanks for the motivation!

  3. October 21, 2013 / 11:27 pm

    ha ha..I turn into monster too when I'm stressed out! I feel ya! =) This seems so cool..I love to organize everything ! And I always have too many post it notes on my computer=)

  4. October 27, 2013 / 4:48 pm

    I think this just changed my life!!! For real.

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