i have learned to not take people for granted. one minute they’re in your life as bright as the sun shines and the next they’re stolen from you. taken away faster than you can blink. nobody likes to talk about it but it happens. i have more friends than i’d like to admit that have had their dad taken from this world at too young of an age. and for that, i cannot thank the great heavens every day that my dad is still around. he’s here to see his grandchildren grow up. and though we aren’t close in proximity anymore, we see each other often still and are bond is stronger than it ever has been.

so today i say thank you. thank you for being the strong father that i have always admired. because those strong and loyal fathers? they don’t come around all the time. i’m one of the lucky people who have hit the jackpot with my dad.

i’ve been blessed to witness the growing love my child has for her daddy too. she completely adores him and i am so lucky to have him. i wouldn’t want to do life with anybody but him.

here’s to all the great dads out there. the criers, the sing-in-the-kitcheners. the get-on-the-floor players, the everything-is-going-to-be-okayers.  to the husbands, the stepdads, the biological dad, the adoptive dads, the goddads, the grandpas, the father-in-laws. the ones who always show up. we see you. we need you. we love you.

and a big special hug for those of you who have lost their dads. may your best memories shine.


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  1. June 23, 2015 / 5:52 pm

    This totally made this pregnant girl cry. What a sweet post!

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