this girl. she has been giving me a RUN for it lately. this is such a fun age but my goodness. i can’t tell if it’s because i’m pregnant and feeling all the feelings or because she’s living up to the nickname tornado that her daddy gave her but i swear she has good and bad days within MINUTES of eachother.

the other day she threw a fit when andrew gave her animal crackers instead of cheerios. full on lay on the ground and scream it out total fit. then she went to the pantry, grabbed the box of cheerios and shoved it in his face in a take that manner.

meals have been challenging lately. she’s finally eating what we put in front of her again (she went through quite the dry spell where she wasn’t interested in eating any meal) but it has to be when she wants to eat. if she isn’t ready and i put her in the high chair, neighbors hear her screaming the next subdivision over. but five minutes after i take her out of the highchair, then she’s ready to eat.

by the end of the days, we go on a verrrrry long walk around the neighborhood (mostly for my sanity) and once i put her to bed, i’m usually so drained that i sit down and just breathe. no tv on, no flipping around on my phone, no nothing. i just sit.

if this is what the two’s look like, this stay-at-home mom may hire a nanny.


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