what are you up to this weekend? we are taking the girls to the wisconsin state fair one last time before it’s over on sunday to see the animals, eat one more deep fried snickers bar, and go down the big yellow slide one more time before it’s over for the year. there’s so many interesting things to eat at the fair but one of my craziest i tried (and really enjoyed) this year was the deep fried bacon wrapped stuffed green olives. on a stick of course! so strange but so delicious! hope you have a lovely weekend and here’s some links i thought you’d like to check out…

15 times rotisserie chicken get you halfway to dinner.

some highly anticipated books that are coming out this fall.

ten ways to give your kids a 1970’s summer.

20 dinners you can meal prep on sunday.

a perfect end of summer outfit.

new personalized vitamins that i’m thinking about giving a try.

why newborn babies smell so good.

my favorite toddler lunch solution.

jot this date on your calendar if you want power sheet for 2018!

wish listing this pretty top.

(image found here)


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