what are you up to this weekend? we are driving up to wisconsin today and spending the weekend going to the fair, having brunch with family and catching up with all our loved ones! can we just take a minute to acknowledge how this is the first weekend of the last month of summer? how nuts is that! hope you all have a lovely weekend and here’s some links i thought you’d like to check out…

nordstrom anniversary sale ends sunday.

things to try if you need to change up your morning routine.

smells like heaven.

next on my list of books to read.

on systems, habits, and routines.

a nursery so dreamy it makes me want to have another.

try this trick before buying a new lamp.

my favorite dress ever is 40% off right now.

healthy travel tips.

currently binge watching on netflix.

sixteen throw pillows under $35.

(image found here)


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