what are you up to this weekend? i have a friend in town from wisconsin and we’re going to hit the birmingham scene and do a little sight seeing, try a new restaurant or two and see what the bar scene has to offer us midwest girls. and of course, there’s the super bowl which even though the packers aren’t playing in, we will still be representing in our apparel over here.  hope you have a great weekend and here’s a few links i’ve been loving from around the web…

the cutest darn kids toys i ever did see.

check out the cutest twins on the face of this planet born earlier this week!

the best thing about winter (made me laugh).

why the world seems quieter when it snows.

whoa, what a fascinating quote about children playing.

an organized and un-cluttery office space.

i watched this movie on thursday night and think you should too (it was crazy good).

oh look at these super cute prints!

interesting new invention.

goodbye mom and dad.


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