what are you up to this weekend? we are on the very tail end of addison fighting off a terrible cold so we’re going to finish up nursing that and hopefully hit the library to gather a few new books to read. we’ve exhausted all her books more than enough times and it’s time she needs to update her library. hopw you have a fun weekend with whatever you do and here are a few links i’ve enjoyed lately…

a good laugh for parents.

ten great audiobooks.

saw this movie last weekend and loved it.

and want to see this one.

how to get kids to eat vegetables.

found the perfect item for our bedroom and they’re affordable too (now why can’t they sell them online).

the coolest diy for a bedroom wall.

adorable little girl outfit for the holidays.

andrew found a bottle of lavender essential oil in our house last week and now i’m using all the tips to see if i love it. so far it’s winning.

a felt christmas tree could be so fun for addison to play with this holiday season.

addison and i almost everyday lately.

(image from a pair & a spare diy)


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i’m a little late to the link party this morning but you know…when in rome. what are you up to this weekend? i’m terribly sorry i kind of sucked with posting this week but andrew got home on wednesday after being gone for ten days and addison and i wanted to soak up all his time before he leaves again next week. i bet you can guess what we’re doing this weekend then huh? hope you have a wonderful weekend and here are some links i’ve been loving from around the web…

elderly man finds son after discovering letter hidden by deceased wife for 60 years.

do you ever frame your instagram pictures?

109 year old woman tells us the key to living a super long life.

tips for successful thrifting.

five fitness classes to try this year.

a gorgeous pinterest feed.

50 activities to do with your 6-12 month old.

healthy eating on a budget.

i think i would have done the same thing but as a new mom i probably would have cried if i was on the receiving end too.

the most freakin perfect first birthday party.

an oldie but goodie: you are a good mama.

image found here


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  1. January 24, 2015 / 7:25 pm

    That first story is crazy! Sounds like they are doing a great job finding peace with the past and moving on from there. Also, I was not expecting the hilariousness of the 109 year old woman's advice!

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